Fiberglass Window Frames In Billings, MT

The Windows to Weather the Storm

We expect a lot of out our windows... Keeping out the elements, providing insulation, and lighting areas in the daytime. You need a material that is prepared to weather it all. Fiberglass windows have the stability of wood and are more durable than vinyl. In Billings, Montana the weather can be extreme, protective windows are essential to your home or business. Choosing fiberglass takes the worry out of windows.

Kolbe Forgent Series

Kolbe Forgent Series

Reynolds Windows and Doors proudly installs Kolbe Forgent series fiberglass windows. This brand offers special Glastra technology that increases energy efficiency through a UV protective infused fiber. You can guarantee fiberglass window frames to give you exactly what you want out of a window.

Durable and Strong

You should not have to sacrifice style for stability, Reynolds Window and Door can install any type of window whether it be big, small, or asymmetrical. Because of their superior strength, fiberglass windows can be large, accommodating large expanses of glass without requiring added support or reinforcement. This means more value for your dollar. As an added benefit, fiberglass is a naturally water-resistant material meaning there are minimal chance of weather-related leaking issues. If considering a fiberglass window frame installation or replacement the simple decision is Reynolds Windows and Doors. We use the top-quality brands and have the most experience in the Billings, MT area.