Hardware Equipment In Billings, MT

Making the right choice for your home isn't always the easiest especially when your options are vast. Here at Reynolds Windows and Doors we will help relieve the pressure of such an important decision with the advice of our experts. If you wish to have the home of your dreams in Billings, Montana then your easiest decision will be to come work with us. We offer a wide range of interiors & exterior hinges, handles, locks, pulls, and stops that we will install for you! Hardware plays and important role in the overall look and feel of one's home or business. The smallest details make the biggest difference, let us help create the look you want.

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Function and Fashion

A smart and functional design takes time, lots of thought, and planning - as a homeowner this is what you deserve. With so many new styles and types of hardware on the market, the right choice is available to you. The challenge is finding it! At Reynolds Windows and Doors we offer a large range of finish colors to help achieve the look and different locking options for handles for functionality. We will work as a team to go through the plans to help achieve your vision. Whether you're a new homeowner or doing a renovation in Billings, Montana let us be your one stop shop for your hardware needs! Call today to set up a consultation with one of our team members.