The Hazards of Open Window Wells

If you are an avid supporter of our blog, then you already know we talked about egress windows and the importance of them in our “Emergencies Happen” post. It states that “Egress windows are required in certain areas to protect you and your loved ones in the event of an emergency.”  This is true, particularly in the case of basements and basement fires. If you have not read the post, I highly recommend going back and reading it now. I will even give you a minute….

So, you read our “Emergencies Happen” blog post and you decided to make your basement windows egress. You may now be wondering what hazards open window wells impose?

An open window well is essentially an open hole in your yard and does not come without certain risks. The most commonsense safety issue or risk is from falling into the window well. However, a few more surprising hazards of having an open window well are basement flooding, build up of snow and debris, and critters of the small furry or slithering variety entering your home. (EEK!)


By now you are probably saying to yourself “Okay, so what if my window wells become hazardous? What do I do?” The answer is surprisingly simple. Get yourself a window well cover.

In our opinion the ideal window well cover would be slanted so the snow, rain drops, and debris slide off. It would fit to the top of the window well opening so that small sneaky animals and water would be restricted from entering. It would need to be strong enough to withstand the weight and impact of an average adult falling. In case of an emergency it would need to be lightweight and easy to operate. In addition to all these things the ideal window well cover would be aesthetically pleasing, customized to match the personal style and taste of you the customer.

A quick google search will tell you there are a variety of places to get window well covers. Harbor freight even has its options. However, if you want a long-lasting cover that can withstand about 250 lbs. of pressure and checks all the boxes above, think about getting one of our custom covers. If you have questions about custom coverings or what we have to offer you can always call us here at Reynolds Window and Door. We would love to hear from you!