Being exposed to a wide range of conditions can take a toll on the exterior of your home and the windows are no exception. Making sure that you properly maintain and care for your windows will extend the life of them.

There are a few basic things to do with all windows.

  1. When cleaning the glass do not use an abrasive cleaner or harsh chemical cleaner. These can damage the finish on the glass. Using mild soap and water, or a cleaner specifically made for cleaning glass is the best way to clean and care for your investment.
  2. Maintaining weather-strip is important to prevent drafting and keep the elements out. Ensure debris and chemicals are away from the weather-strip to prevent damage.  If it becomes damaged replacement may be needed.
  3. Use soap and water to wash and rinse the frame and sashes.

Different materials and finishes on your windows or doors may require special care. Check with the manufacturer for the requirements for caring for your specific windows and doors.