Window Operations

Fixed Window- Stationary windows that do not open.

Sliding Window- A sliding window is were there are at least two sections of the window with at least one that will slide to the side or horizontally.

Single Hung Window- This window will have two sections (sashes) with one above the other with the top one fixed and the lower one that can be moved upward.

Double Hung Window- The double hung is like the single hung except for the top sash can be moved downward.

Casement Window- The casement window will operate in a swinging motion. The right or the left side will have hinges attaching the sash while the opposite side will open. They come in both a push out option and a crank out where you use a handle.

Awning Window- This window is like the casement except the hinges are on the top of the window and the bottom will open.

Tilt and Turn- This window is unique in that it can operate in two different directions. It moves like a casement with the hinging on the side of the sash and opening from the top with the hinging at the bottom of the window. If you are needing an egress without a lot of room to work with this is a good window to look at due to the way it operates allowing a larger opening than your traditional casement.

Geometric Shapes- Round, half-round, eyebrow are a few options. Almost anything that you can think of we can make it happen.