Wooden Door Installation In Billings, MT

A Classic

Wood as a product is unique in itself. No two trees are alike making the wood and the wood grain different for each use. This character is rich and can be a large attribute of using wood doors in your home or commercial property. Exterior doors have the job of making a first impression and have those using it guessing what awaits on the other side. Let us help you achieve your door dreams at Reynolds Windows and Door! Our professionals are experienced craftsman and are comfortable all types of woods. Wood is easy to work with making it easy for us to fulfill your exact needs and never sacrifice style. The classic choice is wood doors! We proudly service Billings, Montana and the surrounding areas.

Brands We Trust


Choices and Value

Knowing what goes in your home interior is one thing, but deciding what will protect your exterior is another. Wood is a natural product that has been used for ages to build homes and protect structures from weather and the elements. Choosing the type of wood is where your design and style can take flight. With the wide selection of products available for install at Reynolds Windows and Door you can guarantee you will be happy with your wood doors. You can have anything from a traditional oak or mahogany to a sleek bamboo or Sapele or maybe a more rustic cedar or pine. Lots of stains and colors are available to finish your beautiful door. With so many choices to make, make the right one with a wood door in your home or business in Billings, Montana. Contact us for more information today!