Wooden Window Frame Installation In Billings, MT

For as long as we have needed windows in our homes, wood frames have been an important support. As the classic choice is wood - light, durable, and attractive. At Reynolds Windows and Doors our experienced team can install most types of wood frames and is comfortable creating the look you want to execute. If you are renovating a historical property or want an authentic looking home in Billings, Montana the only choice is wood frames. Most all other window frame attempt to mimic the look of wood. Don't settle for imitations when you can have the real thing!


Offering their Siteline wood windows. These windows are built with AuraLast, the most versatile wood window available


Heritage Series windows & doors are carefully crafted with a wood interior and exterior.

With wood window frames, quality is unmatched. Genuine wood frames help to insulate a home far better than almost any other kind of window. In Billings, Montana the winters can be harsh. You want a product that withstand extreme temperatures and save you, the homeowner, money in utility costs year-round. Reynolds Windows and Doors has credited expertise and carpentry skills that you can trust with installing your wood windows. We offer window frame in a variety of standard and custom sizes. Wood frames are not only the economical choice they also are environmentally conscious. For the homeowner that is going green, wood is the definition of eco-friendly. Trees are a renewable resource and biodegradable. For the right choice of wood window frames contact Reynolds Windows and Doors today!