Standard Sizing

When you are looking to replace your windows, you may start to worry about standard sizing. Different companies have different standard sizes, as well as making custom sized windows. The impact that this can have on the cost of your windows will very depending on your choice in windows. Give us a call today to

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Moisture Between the Glass

Everything ages with time, windows are no exception.  Over time you may find moisture between the glass panes in insulated units. This is caused by a seal failure that allows for the condensation to enter and create a fogged look on the inside of the glass. There are many windows that you can change the

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Spring Cleaning/Window Cleaning:

Spring is in the air and time to get some cleaning done after a long winter. After weathering the elements all winter long your windows probably need some TLC. Make sure you use the right cleaners that are non-abrasive. You should use a good quality glass cleaner or mild soap and water mixture. For more

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It’s getting close, spring is almost here

As the temperatures pick up so do the projects that are starting. Give us a call to day to get on the schedule before it fills up.

Spring Home Improvement Show

Stop by and see us at the 2019 Spring Home Improvement Show. Sign up at our booth for a $100 off your window and door project. We look forward to seeing everyone there. Stay warm and drive safe.


  “I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to everyone that stopped by our booth at the Home Builders Expo this last weekend. There was a great turn out and we enjoyed meeting everyone.”

Tax Credit for Windows

If you had windows installed this year be sure to check and see if they qualify for a tax credit. Most incentives are in the form of tax credits. Qualifying investments must be placed in service during the year the credit is claimed. These renewable energy projects at the federal level include 30 percent of

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Builders & Remodeling Expo

The Builders and Remodeling Expo is January 18th thru 20th at Metra Park in Billings, MT. We will have a booth set up so stop by and see us. You will be able to see window options that we have available as well as being able speak with one of our team members.  Hope to

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